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Technical conditions and Warnings

The deadline of the internet registration system is on 22.06.2018 at 04.30 pm.

It is not possible to sign up for the marathon on Saturday morning before the start !

Participants from countries different from SVK or CZE shall pay the registration fee right at the place (also on Saturday). The amount of the registration fee depends on the individual registration date in the
internet system.

Please, take a close look at the race schedule and the terms and conditions of the participation.  At the presentation, you will receive a number with chip and we will ask you to sign a Consent with processing part of your personal data (name, surname, year of birth, category, city / club and nationality) and their publication on our website (without the year of birth!) for our partner ČASOMIERA - VOS -TPK, ltd., Business ID No.: 50635999.

We are unable to place you on the start list and therefore also the results list without this consent!
Participants at the age of 14 and younger can start only on the 19 km route and only accompanied by an adult. This person must also be duly registered. The name of the child and accompanying person is required to be entered in the application form of both racers in the notes part of the application form in order to be identified during the race!

The participant of the event acknowledges that a contractual photo service of the event partner: FAX COPY, ID: 35729040 will be on track during the race and will then offer paid photos. In this context, the event organizer will send an email to all participants after the race with a link to the photographs taken.

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20th AUTHOR ŠKODA bike marathon Súľovské skaly, APPLICATION FORM

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AUTHOR ŠKODA bike marathon
Súľovské skaly: is also way of being healthy!